Title: Wayfinders
Artist: Marcy Rogge, Kim Miner and Collaborative Student Group
Medium: Sculpture – Ceramic
Location: St. Charles East High School, 1020 Dunham Road
Owner: CUSD303
Map Locator Number: #3

Story:  Wayfinders was a collaborative public art project, organized by Claymirth ceramic artists Marcy Rogge and Kim Miner.  As participants in the “Visiting Artists Program” at St. Charles East High School, Rogge and Miner worked with art students to create the individual components of the three towers that are installed in East’s lobby.

Marcy Rogge explains, “Kim Miner and I brought in 300 pounds of clay and worked with students throughout the day to create individual tower pieces.  We took the pieces home for firing and then assembled the 3 towers for an artists’ reception in the Norris Gallery.  We titled the towers Wayfinders in the spirit of early peoples’ practice of stacking stones on the landscape to let those that follow know that others had passed this way.”

“Art located within the school is available for viewing by contacting the school ahead of time and setting an appointment.  Normal security measures apply. ”
St. Charles East High School Phone Number: 331.228.4000

Featured photograph of the installed sculptures for the SCAC by A. K. Furio.  Photographs from the Wayfinders project courtesy of artist Marcy Rogge.