Touchstone Trio

Title: Touchstone Trio 
Artist: Fine Line Potters
Medium: Sculpture – Ceramic
Location: Fine Line Creative Arts Center, 37W570 Bolcum Road
Owner: Fine Line
Map Locator Number: #38

Story:   The tallest piece in the trio was created by Fine Line potters in memory of Sister Denise Kavanagh after she passed.  It was shown in the Kavanagh Gallery and people were invited to write with marker on it how they connect to Fine Line, or what they wanted to convey.  Of course the marker fades, but the spirit lives on.  The smaller towers were made (by a collection of Fine Line potters) to honor Sister Peter Julian Werner and Sister Geraldine McGovern when they retired in 2010.  They were also written on with wishes for Peter and Geraldine who ran the Fine Line with Denise and continued on after her passing.


Touchstone Trio
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Photograph Courtesy of the Fine Line