S. S. Jones

Title:  S. S. Jones
Artist:  Sheldon Peck
Medium: Painting
Location: St. Charles History Museum, 215 East Main Street
Owner: City of St. Charles
Map Locator Number: #17

Story:  S. S. Jones was a lawyer who moved to St. Charles in 1838, and is given credit for naming the city.  More information about him is available on the Library web site.

Click here for more about the artist, Sheldon Peck, who was a famous “American folk artist, abolitionist and social activist”.

About Folk Art From The St. Charles History Museum:
What is Folk Art?
Although nearly everyone has probably heard of folk art, many people may not know exactly what it is or what kind of art it refers to. Folk art is not a single art form and it is not a regular part of art history. Folk art is truly an art form of, for and by the people.

Folk artists traditionally were self taught, they may have learned their skills as well as techniques through formal education, apprenticeships and in informal community settings.  Folk art reveals much about the essential values and characteristics of a society. Characteristically the patterns, motifs, techniques and materials have special significance and can reveal a great deal about a cultures society.

Folk art incorporates a range of functional and decorative media, including cloth, wood, paper, clay, metal and more. It is sometimes functional in origin having a place in everyday life and at other times its purpose is a mystery. Folk art is always compelling in its originality, fascinating in its unexpectedness and powerful in its authenticity.

Photograph courtesy of the St. Charles History Museum