History of Transportation (1st Street Plaza)

Title:  History of Transportation (1st Street Plaza)
Medium: Sculptural Relief – Concrete
Location: 1st Street Plaza, one-half block south of Main Street
Owner: City of St. Charles
Map Locator Number: #21

Story:  These concrete reliefs are an homage to the original, Terra Cotta friezes which were located in the parking garage of the Hotel Baker.  One of those original friezes is pictured below.  The concrete reliefs appear in the 1st Street Plaza, courtesy of the City, and the Public Art Committee of the Downtown St. Charles Partnership.

Please Note: The Terra Cotta frieze pictured above is in the Hotel Baker’s Rose Garden and is not available for viewing by the general public.  However, Midwest Groundcovers (who has a wonderful story on how they acquired their friezes) and the St. Charles History Museum have a couple of the original friezes (in whole and in part) at their locations.

History of Transportation (History Museum)

History Of Transportation (Midwest Groundcovers)


History of Transportation is featured on the Art Tour.  Download the Otocast app on your electronic device to hear the story.


Featured photograph for the SCAC by Karen Muehlfelt.  Photograph of the Rose Garden frieze courtesy of the SCAC.