History Of Transportation (Midwest Groundcovers)

Title:  History of Transportation (Midwest Groundcovers)
Medium: Sculptural Relief – Terra Cotta
Location: Midwest Groundcovers, 6N800 State Route 25
Owner: Midwest Groundcovers
Map Locator Number: #7

Story:  As it appears on a plaque in the Midwest Groundcover “History of Transportation” Garden.

In 1927 when Colonel Baker built the Baker Hotel in St. Charles, he figured that a hotel of class should have an automotive garage so guests could have their cars serviced when they came for a party or for a stay.  The Baker Garage was built just north of the Hotel Baker where today the Carroll Tower residence stands.

Both the Hotel Baker and the Baker Garage were adorned with terra cotta murals.  The murals on the garage depicted the history of American transportation, from the American Indian on his horse to the airplane.

When the Baker Garage was demolished in 1983, the murals were saved.  Shortly thereafter, Friends of the Hotel Baker recreated the old Baker Rose Garden in its original elegant style.  The best of the murals were masoned into two garden walls which stand in the restored Baker Garden today.

Several mural pieces were given to Midwest Groundcovers in return for upkeep and maintenance of the Rose Garden, with the stipulation they be displayed for the people of St. Charles to enjoy.

We are honored to have been able to create this permanent home for a bit of St. Charles history in this year of 1994.

Peter Orum

The SCAC has received permission to include this privately owned artwork in the Art in Public Places Project.  Artwork may be viewed only during Midwest Groundcovers’ days and hours of operation.  Visit their web site for their hours.

Photograph Courtesy of the SCAC