Title:  Ēkwabet  (Watching Over)
Artist: Guy J. Bellaver
Medium: Sculpture – Bronze
Dimensions: 15.5′ x 5′ x 5′
Location: Fox River East Bank (Freedom Trail), 2 State Avenue
Owner: City of St. Charles
Donated by: A Community Fundraising Group (co-chaired by Max Hunt, Terry Grove, and Joe K. Anderson) and the Artist.  (A plaque listing project donors is on the base of the sculpture.)
Map Locator Number: #15
Story:  This sculpture honoring the Potawatomi Indians was dedicated in 1988 and given the name Ēkwabet (Watching Over) by the Potawatomi Nation in a naming ceremony in 1989.  It is listed in the Smithsonian Institution’s Collections Search Center and the Art Inventories Catalog of the Smithsonian American Art Museum.  Information about the project can be found by visiting the library’s web site.  More of the story of Ēkwabet can be found by visiting Ekwabet.com, a web site dedicated to Ēkwabet‘s 20th Birthday Party | A Celebration of St. Charles’ Cultural and Historic Heritage.


Ēkwabet is featured on the Art Tour.  Download the Otocast app on your electronic device to hear the artist’s story.


Photographs Courtesy of Rick Brems, Terry Andrew, and the Artist