Day Into Night

Title: Day Into Night
Artist:  Laura Rendlen and Collaborative Student Group
Medium:  Mosaic
Location:  St. Charles East High School, 1020 Dunham Road
Owner:  CUSD303
Donated By: P-ARTS (People For The Arts at East H.S.)
Map Locator Number:  #3

Story: P-ARTS (arts advocacy and booster club) commissioned this mosaic as a collaborative project led by Ms. Rendlen working with teacher Becky Blaine’s arts students.  The mosaic is dedicated to Ms. Blaine.

“Art located within the school is available for viewing by contacting the school ahead of time and setting an appointment.  Normal security measures apply. ”
St. Charles East High School Phone Number: 331.228.4000

Photograph for the SCAC by A.K. Furio.